Few software firms have the privilege of talking about a “Version 10.0” as ProTrak Advantage is able to do here.  This privilege comes only through longevity in an industry (traditional and alternative investment firms) and a product platform (CRM) that has a legacy of continually meeting our clients’ needs.

As we close 2014, we consider how the combination of 33 previous releases and versions have significantly tailored Advantage to our global user community.  We’re pleased to note that 100% of the features listed below were in direct response to our clients’ suggestions.  (More broadly, did you know that 83% of ProTrak Advantage’s features over the years were delivered specifically from our clients’ ideas and inspirations?)

A new version is a major achievement for a software firm as it represents an advancement in capabilities.  However, as you will note from our positioning statement – “More than CRM | Achieve a High ROI” – ProTrak strides beyond a mixture of disconnected features to a solution that brings greater profits to our clients.

An ROI comes to this conclusion:  “Your firm achieves more in benefits than ProTrak’s costs.”  As our investment clients deeply understand, when a positive ROI exists, value increases.  We see this in our loyal client base that understands the important role that ProTrak Advantage has played in their own achievement of higher AUM, increasing profits, and more satisfied clients.

This companionship we’ve had with our clients truly reflects the accumulated rewards we’ve experienced and are, again, in evidence with this Version 10.0. 

Version 10.0 New Feature Listing

  • Watermarks on Existing .pdfs
  • A Fresh New Look
  • Expanded Investor/Prospect Name Auto-Search
  • Set Multiple Roles for the Same Company-to-Company Affiliation
  • Lock Editing Capability for Company and Contact Fields
  • Enhanced Filter View Options
  • Additional New Fields for User Customization and Ad-Hoc Report Generation
  • Advanced Mass Communications for E-mail Generation
  • Enhanced Holdings/Transactions Import
  • Single Click Access to the Pipeline
  • Additional Pipeline/Opportunity configuration options
  • Expanded Audit Log and Field Level Security
  • New ProTrak E-Mail Only License

Version 10.0 Feature Spotlight:  Automated .pdf Watermarking

Hedge fund and private equity firms regularly receive fund updates and general information from the administrator produced as .pdf documents.  ProTrak’s new .pdf watermark feature automatically inserts any customized message onto the .pdf, including personalization (e.g. using any text and incorporating wild card variables such as “Contact Name”, “Account Name”, “Account Details”, etc.)

Combined with ProTrak’s industry-leading mass communication facility, these now tailored .pdfs are distributable in a single process to all clients, but now the pass-through document is packaged within the context of the firm’s own client servicing process.

The auto-watermark capability is just one of many ProTrak features uniquely designed for the high-end investment industry, with each feature drawing a straight line to direct financial benefits, improved analysis, and/or more insightful decision making.  With these benefits, ProTrak delivers a high ROI to its clients.

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