Deep industry knowledge and longevity in the investment space let ProTrak create the premier CRM solution for institutional investment managers


Trusted by investment professionals for over 25 years, ProTrak CRM caters exclusively to institutional (traditional) asset managersalternative investment firms and wealth managers.  Serving as your “Library of Relationships”, the ProTrak CRM solution is:

  • Designed from the ground up to serve the relationship needs of the institutional investment community.
  • Tailored to your needs “out of the box”; this minimizes costly and time-consuming customization.
  • Focused on reducing implementation costs.
  • Configured in a friendly, “user-defined” format.


Our longevity in the investment industry and deep expertise have led us to create a CRM product uniquely suited to institutional investment management professionals.

  • With our singular focus on the traditional asset management and alternative market, ProTrak was designed from the ground up to handle the unique relationships you face every day.
  • Clients, prospects, intermediaries, and investor accounts can be associated or linked to any number of other firms such as consultants, brokers, advisors, trustees, affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • ProTrak’s report and mail distribution center lets you create and distribute any type of personalized mass communications that also track, record and report on who opened, clicked through or opted-out from the mass email Campaigns.
  • ProTrak’s automated workflow processes mimic your preferred business methods and let you create “one-click” workflow templates for pitch books, RFPs, offering documents and other processes tailored to your firm’s business rules.
  • Automated email alerts provide immediate notification for important activities; whenever pre-set keywords are automatically read, ProTrak triggers an email to a defined internal distribution list.
  • Enterprise-level security is a ProTrak hallmark and we lead the industry in all levels from data security to user permissions to data control to cross-database access.
  • ProTrak’s easy-to-use query builder lets you create ad-hoc custom reports based on virtually any selection criteria (e.g. from clients and/or prospects with specific attributes such as location, type, product interest, AUM, fund types, etc.)
    • Custom letters, form letters, email, and .pdf reports (with custom watermarking) are generated directly from ProTrak.
    • Watermarks can be applied to group .pdfs and to individual investor .pdfs (that can be customized with specific messaging).
    • Workflows ensure that client on-boarding and client service activities are handled consistently to your quality standards.
    • Any document associated with a workflow step is always available in the document library making this ideal for training, Q&A, and process checking.
  • ProTrak CRM’s configurable databases are like having multiple CRMs in one system.  For example, asset managers’ prospect/client profile data can exist side by side with intermediaries and investment research databases.


ProTrak CRM provides the essential tools that let you deliver effective, personalized service to your investors.

  • Monitor all the details of your investors’ accounts and track key relationships.
  • Create and distribute .pdf reports and client statements with customized watermarks.
  • Track all investor communications with associated documentation, investor transactions, account balances, and historical activity at your fingertips.


With ProTrak CRM’s sales management tools you will greatly leverage your business development staff’s asset-raising efforts.

  • Simply entering a meeting or call note automatically creates a new pipeline entry or updates an existing one.
  • Eliminating redundant data entry provides an easy method to stay on top of important follow-ups (this is a valuable benefit for the sales team to load meeting notes).
  • Giving a sales professional insights to his or her business territory (with flexible, easy-to-use reports) advances productivity.
  • Using ProTrak’s powerful query (or search) tool identifies new sales opportunities as well as produces customized reports of any type.
  • Providing full integration with the investment industry’s key domestic and international marketing directories such as S&P Money Market Directory Pensionscope. (Note: this is more than just a link: ProTrak integrates the data into separate data files:  one for “suspects” (i.e. a sales relationship that has not been established) and one for prospects (i.e. where sales activities are occurring).


The reporting and auditing tools in ProTrak CRM are an essential element of your business risk toolkit.

  • Use the comprehensive reporting system for monitoring pipeline activity, analyzing contribution and redemption requests, and tracking account valuations.
  • Have all audit content readily available such as a complete history of client activity, email retention, due diligence documentation, and all call/meeting notes.
  • Compliance officers value ProTrak’s internal audit system that tracks all data edits down to the individual data field.

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