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Early in ProTrak’s over 25-year history serving investment firms, clients deployed CRM only for marketing, sales, and client service purposes:  the front-office.  Now, it’s common for ProTrak Advantage CRM’s clients to have a whole-firm platform that includes, among others, research analysts, portfolio managers, due diligence analysts, and compliance.  ProTrak further adds capabilities for connecting data with various portfolio accounting systems and administrators for single-point access.

Instead of forcing a firm to embark on a costly customization ordeal with a general-industry CRM system, ProTrak’s sole devotion to the investment industry has tailored, back-office functions as standard features.

Private Equity Example:  Deal Flow Management

A deal management screen for a back-office user can be configured any number of ways to fit with his or her role and preferences.  ProTrak’s deal management comprehensiveness begins with the initial deal entry through to funding and, finally, to portfolio company oversight.

ProTrak PE Deal Flow Management Image

Hedge Fund Example:  Holdings and Transactions

Today’s hedge fund manager must take advantage of new technologies to smooth internal work flow processes and provide superior investor relations services.  ProTrak Advantage integrates the front-office’s client engagement tasks with the back-office’s portfolio, holdings, and transaction content.

Using ProTrak’s transaction history functionality, investor holdings and transaction data are automatically imported into the ProTrak database for instant access and reporting.  Records from multiple offshore/onshore fund administrators and the internal accounting system can be loaded into ProTrak.  Notifications of pending subscriptions and redemptions may also be entered and maintained.  ProTrak will match the outstanding notifications against imported transactions and remove those notifications after they have been satisfied.   

 ProTrak Account Transaction History

Company Research; FoHFs; Family Offices; Manager-of-Managers:  Due Diligence Hub

Company research, investment analysis, and due diligence are processes critical to any investment firm’s value proposition.  The ProTrak Advantage solution includes a specialized profile directory for tracking all relationships associated with these processes. The manager profile lets you track all company-level data (company executives, board members, partners, fund managers, prime brokers, administrators, etc.) such as activities, ToDos, emails, correspondence as well as any underlying funds or products.

ProTrak Manager-Intermediary Profile Image

Traditional, Long-Only Managers:  Integrated Portfolio Account Details

The account detail option in ProTrak puts an extensive amount of information at the fingertips of anyone who interfaces with clients, including account start up, account management (objectives, guidelines and restrictions), fees and billing data, benchmarks, and performance rates of return.  All the client’s account detail data-field labels are user-definable so that each organization can customize the system to suit its own terminology. 

ProTrak Account Detail for Traditional Image

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