ProTrak Web’s Dashboard:  Insights to Action

ProTrak CRM gives a user four broad functions (and many layers underneath):

  • Recording content such as notes, emails, and documents.
  • Analyzing the recorded content in bulk through filters and queries.
  • Reporting on the analysis in tables, charts, maps, and text.
  • Monitoring relationships and business metrics

Queries generate insights about a firm’s business, and reports present these insights in meaningful ways.  Often a query/report tandem identifies an important measure that merits frequent monitoring; this is the domain of ProTrak’s dashboard.

Using its 25+ years’ experience, ProTrak has taken vital business factors applicable to any investment firm and packaged them into nearly 30 dashboard widgets, a few of which are illustrated below.   

 ProTrak Dashboard Screen Shot for April Newsletter

Each widget or frame is much more than a static picture.  ProTrak’s global user community can define the query/filters that hone the data into tailored information, and the data and presentation are dynamically updated in a graph type of the user’s choice. 

While the powerful graphics permit an “at-a-glance”, highly visual presentation, much more resides below the colored segments or lines. 

For example, when the cursor rests on a specific area of the graph, the detailed data underneath appears (see the pop-up frame).  And, within the links shown in the pop-up frame, a simple click takes the user to the summary view and then to the entire detailed record.

ProTrak’s dashboard masters the value of seeing an overview along with the benefits of reading details.






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