Private Equity managers find that ProTrak provides the essential tools for deal tracking and limited partner (LP) fundraising

Private Equity CRM

ProTrak CRM is a full-featured solution for private equity managers, and is the culmination of over 25 years’ experience satisfying the unique needs of private equity professionals.

ProTrak CRM’s solution is packaged in a very user-friendly interface in which each individual user can easily customize the information view based on his or her needs and preferences.

General Partner Management

The management reporting, deal tracking and LP fundraising tools in ProTrak are essential elements of a private equity firm’s CRM toolkit.

  • All your limited partner, investment banking, and broker relationship data revolves around a core profile that adapts to each user’s particular preferences and work methods.
  • Track detailed portfolio company data.
  • Workflow automation drives efficient client on-boarding and high-quality limited partner services.
  • Create and distribute client statements and reports (as .pdfs) with customized watermarks for both group-distributed and individual investor documents, all through a single mass communication function.
  • Use the comprehensive query and reporting system to monitor deal pipeline activity, analyze capital calls and distributions, and track LP account valuations.

Fundraising and Deal Tracking

With ProTrak CMR’s sales management tools you will greatly leverage your development staff’s fundraising efforts.

  • Easily track both the deal pipeline and LP fundraising opportunities. Enter a meeting or call note (or editing an existing entry) will automatically update the comprehensive pipeline opportunity report.
  • Easily enter notes for activities and follow-ups with a highly efficient interface.  (Note:  emails and associated documents are automatically handled.)
  • Use workflows for one-click automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns and roadshow events with ProTrak’s robust mass communication functionality.
  • Quickly produce customized reports to mine your data for fundraising opportunities.
  • Provide your road warriors with mobile access to core CRM functionality.
  • See business insights at a glance with a graphical and effective management dashboard presenting widgets from the opportunity pipeline to the deal pipeline to limited partner summaries to productivity measures.
  • Manage and record communication with invitees and respondents with full integration to Outlook’s Meeting Invite services.

Investor Relations

ProTrak provides the essential tools that let you deliver effective, personalized service to your limited partners while complying with regulatory requirements.

  • Have a 360° view of your limited partner accounts and all associated relationships.
  • Have all limited partner investor transactions, account balances and historical activity at your fingertips.
  • Ensure unparalleled support for due diligence and SEC compliance.
  • Create and distribute limited partner statements and reports (as .pdfs) with customized watermarks for both group-distributed and individual documents, all through a single mass communication function.

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