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ProTrak International Announces the Release of ProTrak Advantage 12.5 and ProTrak Web Browser 4.5

New York, NY; November 30, 2018 – ProTrak International announced a major upgrade to their ProTrak Advantage and ProTrak Web CRM platforms. The ProTrak Advantage 12.5 release is the platform for its on-premise client deployments, while the ProTrak Web 4.5 client release can be deployed with ProTrak Advantage platform, or independently as an on-premise or private cloud solution hosted by the client or by ProTrak on its Microsoft Azure platform.


Some of the major highlights of the latest ProTrak’s release include:

Workflow Management Templates

Incorporate additional setup / security options based on the firm’s business rules.

Outlook Integration

As the new updates to Outlook 2016 64 bit version are rolled out at our clients sites, ProTrak has updated the Outlook integration to enhance its security algorithm.

E-mail Tracking – Analyzing the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaigns

ProTrak already provides a comprehensive functionality to generate email marketing campaigns and email tracking that automatically tracks the contacts email campaign interactions. Two more functions have been introduced in the web browser version to automatically track Opt-Out requests as well as update Contacts email address when it is flagged as Undeliverable.

Email Tracking and Activity Status Dashboard

We’ve enhanced the email tracking dashboard that tracks and displays the Contact’s details for Opt-Outs and Undeliverables for each marketing campaign. In addition, the activity summary dashboard displays the team that was assigned to this opportunity as well as to the primary Rel. Mgr.

Additional new Data Fields in Account, Contact and Company Profiles

Based on requests from various clients, we have introduced more user defined notes fields in the Account and Contact Profiles as well as additional fields in the Company Profile.

Two-Tier Authentication

The Web Browser version provides extra security for remote users by incorporating a two-tier / two factor authentication solution.
Two-tier provides an additional security layer for your business and prevents identity attacks by helping to address the vulnerabilities of a standard password-only approach. When this option is in use, users will be prompted to enter their unique ProTrak’s password (1st tier) and then the temporary validation code (2nd tier) sent to their mobile device.


“Our software releases incorporate major enhancements recommended by our global user community and prospective clients looking for a highly industry-focused personalized solution to manage their investor relations and sales and marketing initiatives”, says Simon Koziel, President of ProTrak. With this in mind, the next release, already in the works, will feature additional high level enhancements to existing workflow management, opportunity / pipeline and compliance functionalities. 

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