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ProTrak International Announces the Release of ProTrak Web Browser 5.5 & ProTrak Advantage 13.0

New York, NY; September 30, 2020 – ProTrak International announces a major upgrade to their ProTrak CRM Web and ProTrak Advantage desktop platforms.

Some of the major highlights of the latest ProTrak’s release include:

Mass E-mails with Automated E-mail Tracking

• The E-mail Tracking functionality is also available now in the Advantage version. It greatly aids in analyzing the effectiveness of your E-mail marketing campaigns and client communications.
• The newly designed E-mail Tracking Dashboard displays each Client’s / Contact’s email campaign interactions such as email opening; # times opened, single or multiple click-through’s via embedded hyperlinks, opt-outs, forwarded and undeliverables.
• Each Company’s / Contact’s Profile Dashboard displays a separate E-mail Tracking pane with details of each campaign the contact participated in.
• Added 2 new tracking fields. Forwarded will automatically update the email tracking panes if the e-mail recipient forwarded the email to another email address. # Times Opened displays the number of times the email recipient opened the E-mail.
• Improved the Outlook to ProTrak synchronization of Contacts and Activity / Follow-up Notes.

Outlook Integration

• A great number of new enhancements were introduced reflecting the wider use of Outlook 365.
• In a major development effort, ProTrak decoupled the installation and updating of ProTrak’s Outlook plug-in by introducing Outlook plug-in version control. The new approach will require the update of Outlook plug-in only when significant updates are required.
• Mass Email Campaigns with Email Tracking allows users to configure and use Outlook 365 with dual authentication.
• Implemented new rules for Outlook plug-in installation and management to provide users with broader administrative and reporting rights.
• Enhanced synchronization of Follow-ups (To-Do’s) to Outlook Calendar.
• Improved the Outlook to ProTrak synchronization of Outlook Contacts data and Activity / Follow-up Notes that contain graphics.
• Expanded the Outlook synchronization to ProTrak Calendar functionality.

Query / Reporting / Analytical Engine

• Introduced new criteria that allows users to generate advanced queries, primarily dealing with reporting and analytics of mass email campaigns.
• Enhanced query / reporting when using “Calc” functionality.
• Improved the performance of mass email processing for very large data sets.
• Implemented advanced text search in notes data fields.


• Introduced advanced algorithms to enhance copying and pasting of notes containing graphics.
• Added an option to export pre-formatted reports to Excel.
• The Pipeline View can now be uniquely defined per Company Profile Type (ex: Prospect Pipeline, Consultant Pipeline, Deal Pipeline or Manager Pipeline).


• In the Web Browser version added a new Dashboard to display the user’s Follow-up tasks for today and these that are past due.
• The Multi-Opens Legend includes the # Times Opened column.


• Ease of use changes that simplify the setup of forms and fields by ProTrak designated Administrator(s).
• Workflow Templates may now be added anywhere within the Activity / Follow-up Notes.
• Additional new data fields were added to various window panes such as Activity Summary and Pipeline Report View.

“The new software release of ProTrak incorporates enhancements suggested by users looking to improve the current functionality and administration of an investment industry-focused CRM solution that provides the tools that allows them to personalize what and how they view the ever increasing amount of data stored in ProTrak on investor / account and funds / products data”, said Simon Koziel, President of ProTrak.

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