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ProTrak International Announces the Release of ProTrak Web Browser 5.0

New York, NY; June 26, 2019 – ProTrak International announced a major upgrade to their ProTrak Web CRM platform. ProTrak Web 5.0 client release can be deployed with ProTrak Advantage 12.5 or 12.6 platform, or independently as an on-premise or private cloud solution hosted by the client or by ProTrak on its Microsoft Azure platform.

Some of the major highlights of the latest ProTrak’s release include:

Workflow Management Templates

New compliance functionality for Signature Approval and rules for the Order in which the workflow tasks have to be executed.
• Signature Approval allows you to setup workflow steps that require a “Sign-Off” by an Authorized person before the task can be completed
• Sequential Order Rule allows you to designate in which order the workflow tasks have to be executed. When the rule is in effect, ProTrak will not allow the completion of tasks before the previously designated tasks have been completed.

Outlook Integration

Provides full integration with the latest Outlook 2016 32bit and 64bit updates, as they are rolled out at user’s sites.

Security / Two-Tier Authentication

ProTrak Administrator can setup additional security and access rights:
• Strong Passwords which require an array of various combinations of letters, alpha, numeric, caps, special characters and minimum length requirements.
• Two-tier authentication functionality includes the ability to “turn-off” authentication when used in the office, vs. from the outside.

Dashboard Reports Enhancements

Enhanced the printed reports for Dashboards, as well as providing the ability to email the reports to mobile users.

Hospitality Events Management – Tracking

New “RSVP” link for Event Management Mass E-mail automates response tracking for any event. When the recipient of the email responds to the invite, by either accepting or declining, ProTrak automatically updates the information provided by the contact in its database, including the number of attendees and any notes provided by the sender.

GDPR Compliance

New Audit Log feature provides clients with a broader set of functions to fully comply with GDPR compliance. You may now remove (purge) a previously deleted Contact history record from ProTrak’s Compliance Audit Log.

Query / Reporting Engine

• Drill-down to detailed records when Calc Function is used in Queries / Reports.
• Email a query generated “Map”, based on user’s selected criteria, to any mobile user(s).

Mass Email Enhancements

• Allows for multiple CC/BCC email addresses.
• Prior to sending mass email, the user can send a single test email to themselves to preview its accuracy.
• Mass E-mail Logs – Historical Mass Email Logs are can now be viewed directly from Utilities menu.


• Ease of use changes that simplify the setup of forms and fields by ProTrak designated Administrator(s).
• Number of unique fields added to various Profiles to enhance the accounting / compliance.


“The current and upcoming software releases of ProTrak incorporate enhancements suggested by users looking for an investment industry-focused CRM solution that provides the tools that allows them to personalize what and how they view the vast amount of data on investor / account and funds / products data”, said Simon Koziel, President of ProTrak. 

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