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ProTrak International Announces the Release of ProTrak Advantage 12 and ProTrak Web Browser 4.0

New York, NY; November 21, 2017 – ProTrak International announced a major upgrade to their ProTrak Advantage and ProTrak Web CRM platforms. The ProTrak Advantage 12 release is the platform for its on-premise client deployments, while the ProTrak Web 4.0 client release can be deployed with ProTrak Advantage platform, or independently as an on-premise or private cloud solution hosted by the client or by ProTrak.


Some of the major highlights of ProTrak’s release include:

Protected Documents Folders

ProTrak allows you to set up a designated secure folder where a copy of every document referenced in ProTrak is automatically kept and preserved in its original form, so that users cannot move or delete them.   To maximize file storage and limit the number of files stored in a single documents folder, ProTrak automatically creates a subfolder(s) where the new documents are stored.

Workflow Management Templates

Streamlined workflow template setup for follow-up tasks.

Outlook Integration

As the new updates to Outlook 2016 version are rolled out at our client’s sites, ProTrak re-engineered its Outlook integration and strengthened its security.

Synchronizing Outlook Calendar to ProTrak

New algorithm determines if the Outlook calendar appointments when synchronized to ProTrak are stored as a Follow-up or as a Completed Activity.

Hospitality Events – Event RSVP Tracking

The Hospitality Event tracking was enhanced in both versions of ProTrak.  In the web browser-based platform ProTrak now automatically creates event records when users send out the invitations for various events and tracks and updates the Contacts responses (Accept or Decline) in ProTrak, as soon as the response is received via email.  If the Contact decides to change their mind and sends a changed response from “Decline” or “No” to “Accept” or “Yes” or vice versa, ProTrak automatically updates the Contact’s record to reflect the change.  In Advantage, ProTrak provides the ability to create event records in a one-step process.

E-mail Tracking – Analyzing the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaigns

Since ProTrak already provides a comprehensive functionality to generate email marketing campaigns, ProTrak rose to the challenge by designing a fully integrated module in its enterprise web browser-based version that automatically tracks the contacts email campaign interactions.  Currently, in one consolidated view, a client’s or prospect’s entire communication profile reveals all levels of engagement. To expand the view, a new pane was added to the profile’s dashboard that displays each Client’s / Contact’s email campaign interactions, such as email opening, single or multiple, click-throughs via the embedded hyperlinks, opt—outs and undeliverables.

New, powerful Email Tracking Dashboard

We’ve added a new infographic dashboard via web browser-based version that shows the email marketing campaign’s real-time results along with intuitive inforgraphic details (e.g. each contact’s unique interactions to the email campaign.

Powerful Quick Search

The Quick Search functionality, in web browser-based version, was enhanced to provide additional user configurable options.

Apply Mass Email Template to individual Email Activities

Users in the web browser-based version can now apply an existing mass email template, in one step, to individual mail shot activities.


“The software releases incorporate many major enhancements suggested by our current global user community and prospective clients looking for a highly industry-focused personalized solution to manage their investor relations and sales and marketing initiatives”, said Simon Koziel, President of ProTrak. 

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