Family Offices know that ProTrak gives them the Advantage in controlling their manager relationships

Family Office CRM

ProTrak CRM, the culmination of over 25 years’ experience, is the complete out-of-the-box solution that satisfies the unique CRM needs of family office professionals.

ProTrak CRM is packaged in a very user-friendly interface in which each user can easily customize the information view based on his or her needs and preferences.

Family Relationship Management

ProTrak CRM provides the essential tools that let you deliver effective, personalized service whether in an SFO or MFO structure.

  • Have a 360° view of accounts, managers and all complex family relationships.
  • Use workflow management for one-click automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Have all transactions, account balances and historical activity at your fingertips.
  • Maintain and archive all communications.


The management reporting and tracking tools in ProTrak CRM are essential for effective management.

  • Use the comprehensive reporting system for analyzing expected contributions and redemptions and tracking account valuations.
  • Specialized reports give management a clear view of business opportunities and risks.

Manager Due Diligence

ProTrak Advantage has been specially tailored to the needs of family offices with the addition of a “Manager Profile” to support manager due diligence.

  • The manager profile database tracks all manager-level data and interactions including activities, follow-ups, emails, associated documents, correspondence, and any number of the family’s funds.
  • Increase manager transparency using extensive manager profile and fund detail/performance data.
  • Automatically import and organize emails in folders/subfolders assigned to each manager, including historical performance data.
  • Allow direct input from managers.
  • View deal tracking capabilities for direct private equity investments and/or incubator investments in start-up hedge funds.

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