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Simon Koziel

E-mail Tracking – Analyzing the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaigns


Over the past few years, a large portion of ProTrak’s clients and prospective clients started using email marketing and tracking tools such as MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact and others. Most of the firms we surveyed were using these tools for email marketing blasts. However, these important marketing efforts were operating outside of a comprehensive CRM system, and this created challenges viewing all of the campaigns data in a single view. 


CRM represents the hub of all marketing and sales efforts. Unfortunately, email services such as those named above, emerged as separate tools even though their entire function — client and prospect communications — were central CRM activities.

Since ProTrak already provides a comprehensive functionality to generate email marketing campaigns, ProTrak rose to the challenge by designing a fully integrated module in its CRM web browser platform that automatically tracks email campaign interactions.

Powerful Integration

A key strength of ProTrak CRM is consolidating all the actionable data elements including historical activity notes, follow-ups, accounts, pipeline and mailing lists into a single dashboard / centric view. In one step, a client’s or prospect’s entire communication profile reveals all levels of engagement. A new pane was added to the profile’s dashboard that displays each Client’s / Contact’s email campaign interactions, such as email opening, single or multiple, click-throughs via the embedded hyperlinks, opt-outs and undeliverables.

Email Tracking Pane

In addition, the ProTrak email campaign monitor delivers the ability to tailor the message’s content in a one-step process while also allowing the marketing or sales team to personalize message for any selected contacts. This allows a highly scalable communication program with a personal touch; the best of both worlds.

With a full inventory of all communication activities, ProTrak’s analytical abilities generate important insights from the email campaign to better understand messaging, and level of engagement. Here is an example of ProTrak’s dashboard functionality showing the campaign’s real-time results along with intuitive infographic details (e.g. each contact’s unique interactions to the email campaign).

Email Tracking Dashboard


E-mail marketing campaigns are both incomplete and inefficient when they operate in isolation. The more campaign information brought into the CRM database alongside all other interactions enhances insights and refines decision making. One can say that email tracking is one of the most important aspects of productive marketing campaigns.