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ProTrak Dashboard Screen Shot for April NewsletterProTrak Web’s Dashboard:  Insights to Action

Many software tools offer a snapshot view of key business metrics; this snapshot is called a dashboard view.  While a quick overview gives a taste, deeper details are often needed for decisive action.  ProTrak Web’s dashboard marries a high-level overview in an appealing graphical presentation, but giving single-click access to important details. 

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A Private Cloud’s Operational Advantage

Regulators keep a watchful eye on investment firms’ cyber security, and this concern increases for software and client data in a public cloud deployment.  A private cloud provides a firm with direct ownership and control of client data and the physical database.  In addition, many operational advantages of a public cloud also apply, making a private cloud a cost-effective and secure infrastructure choice.

 As social networking has so ably demonstrated, relationships do not exist in silos but as integrated flows.  It’s in the midst of this flow that CRM delivers the infrastructure to maximize the value of these relationships across a firm. [Learn More]


Not “Super Size” but “Right Size”photo

CRM’s operational benefits are clear: increased productivity, more astute insights, improved sales yields, fewer mistakes, higher service quality, consistent processes, and more loyal clients.  These benefits produce a greater ROI with lower costs of ownership if the software license options align a user’s usage intensity to cost. 

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