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Simon Koziel

CRM – A “Core” Technology for Alternative Managers

In today’s volatile markets and stressful economic environment many alternative investment managers consider a Client Relationship Management system as a “must have” piece of software.  More hedge funds, funds-of-funds and private equity managers are realizing that CRM is a vital part of their “core” technology, along with their trading, risk management and accounting systems.  CRM no longer means “contact management” for the sales team!  ProTrak Advantage CRM was designed with the investor relations, research and compliance groups in mind, in addition to sales and marketing.  Don’t forget that the “C” in CRM stands for client.  A CRM system designed for the general market won’t work as optimally as an industry-specific solution.  Nor will those vendor’s support teams have the necessary understanding of the investment manager’s business needs.

But why are CRM systems now becoming a core technology component for hedge funds?  Especially in this challenging economic environment, there are four factors that are critical to a hedge fund managers continuing success:

  • Maintaining and growing existing clients
  • Acquiring new business
  • Meeting regulatory and compliance requirements (due diligence)
  • Controlling internal business costs (doing more with less)


An industry-specific CRM solution like ProTrak Advantage plays an important technology role in support of these four business needs.  Click Here to download the White paper “CRM – A “Core” Technology for Hedge Funds”.

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