A Private Cloud’s Operational Advantages 


In our December 2014 newsletter, we discussed the security considerations with cloud computing, emphasizing the benefits of a private cloud configuration (i.e. on premises) in which the firm owns and controls the physical database that contains sensitive client data.  ProTrak’s clients affirmed this importance in our recent user satisfaction survey; 86% expressed concern with cybersecurity in a public cloud solution.

A private cloud allows a company to secure client-level data as well as physical devices and communication mechanisms.  An investment firm gains the benefit of highly efficient, distributed processing without being commingled with hundreds (or thousands) of other subscribing businesses.  In this advanced, but tightly controlled environment, the firm operates below a hacker’s radar in the general obscurity of millions of small, private companies.

Bridging from a private cloud’s security stature, this list of important benefits are also at hand.   

  • Familiarity.  ProTrak is accessed through any common browser anywhere and at anytime.
  • Scalability: Since no software is installed on a user’s device, it’s simple to add users as business dictates.
  • Custom functions. Customized installations allow firm-specific needs and interests to be addressed.
  • Cost efficiencies. ProTrak’s browser and mobile licenses deliver core functionalities at an affordable price.
  • License flexibility. Users in the same physical location (or remotely via a gateway) as the private cloud can share licenses (i.e. concurrent) to maximize efficiency.  Remote power users can have a license devoted to his or her own use.

Cloud computing has achieved a comfortable position across all industries.  It’s worth noting that no solution satisfies all interests, but, across the investment business, security sits as a high priority.  A private cloud package delivers an ideal mixture of data ownership/control, mobility, and operational efficiency.

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