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This tour gives you a taste of ProTrak CRM’s leading functionality for traditional and alternative investment firms.


ProTrak CRM: The Complete Solution for Investment Professionals

See the information you want in a single view; dig even deeper with just one click.

At your fingertips: investors, prospects, consultants, funds, contacts, sales pipeline, accounts, activities, and notes.

Configure needs and business rules without IT support.


Here is a sales/service user view. Similar views, but with different frames, tightly fit IR, research/due diligence analysts, and PE deal flow management. Multiple databases on one system meet user groups’ varied needs.


Powerful infographics give you understanding of your firm's progress at a glance

Many CRM software solutions have dashboards, but effective integration is much more than attractive graphs.

ProTrak's nearly 30 dashboard frames allow you to see a wide view of key data points at your firm such as the sales pipeline, activities, or relationships by AUM.

When you want to understand the actual changes at hand, simply click to a summary pop-up and, from there, to a link showing the record's detail; your thinking naturally flows without distraction.


A Calendar gives great insights when you can see completed work and work yet to be done

ProTrak CRM is much more than entering content. Users can see their own and/or colleagues' completed and upcoming tasks for any time period; simply expand the assignment criteria to see the listing for the team or the firm.

As you look at the listing, you may be curious to learn more about a specific task; just click the link and you're immediately in the detailed record.


With ProTrak, you always have the choice to see a summary or details; you need both levels to make insightful decisions.


We've thought ahead to what will make you productive

From ProTrak's calendar view or any query result, you can get a customized map; this map will guide you to the optimal sequence for upcoming, out-of-the-office meetings.

Work smarter with these other capabilities: powerful workflows, document library, and advanced query/reporting.


Our mapping function is one of innumerable features that help you see and do things that otherwise would take time.

Across users, ProTrak's productivity and insightful analysis leads to a high ROI.


Use ProTrak to setup completely separate entity profiles such as:

[Ex. #1]: Prospects and clients, investors, and limited partners;

[Ex. #2]: Consultants, custodians, advisors, intermediaries, and 3rd-party providers;

[Ex. #3]: Managers, funds, and brokers' wrap programs;


Your business analyst (non-IT) can configure each profile uniquely, with separate security permissions if needed.

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Over the years, with the accumulation of ProTrak's capabilities serving investment professionals like you, imagine how much it would cost if you were to customize a general purpose CRM for your specific needs.

It’s for this reason that ProTrak’s market position is “More than CRM; Achieve a High ROI”. Truly, creating value by delivering more in benefits than the costs incurred.