ProTrak clients find that having a CRM solution specially designed for them simply makes life easier!!


Thank you again to you and your colleagues for all of your efforts in providing us with a great product. "BMW 7 Series!"”


Jason J. Minard

Executive Vice President

Tweedy, Browne Company LLC

Resource Management Service (RMS) has experienced tremendous growth over the past 68 years with a client base and underlying business that has become ever more complex. These dynamics required the implementation of a robust, yet sophisticated and user friendly CRM system that our employees could learn quickly, but would fit the needs of a multi-billion dollar investment business. Additionally, we required a system that was flexible enough to fit the needs of the timberland asset class. For RMS, ProTrak fulfilled these requirements and more, all while providing personalized user support that was responsive and dependable. We were able to fully implement and roll out ProTrak to our userbase after only a few months. ProTrak is now viewed as a critical system by the RMS Investment Management team and, in many ways, is helping us be more organized and brings more value than we could have anticipated.”


Daniel Crawford

Resource Management Service

Business Development

“…I started using ProTrak in the early 90s when I worked on the trading floor for a primary dealer.  Over the next 15 years I used a number of competing CRM systems across multiple firms; some systems were customized to meet our needs and some systems were off-the-shelf.  When I joined my current firm, it was clear we needed a better way to track prospects, service clients and interface with compliance.  After several months of evaluation, we selected ProTrak.   The hardest part was transitioning our data from a competing CRM system to ProTrak; not because ProTrak could not accept the data, rather our existing system had a proprietary data management system that made it very difficult to export information.  We have come to appreciate the open architecture of ProTrak and ability to manipulate our data as needed.  Once the data was finally imported and cleaned up, it has been running seamlessly.  We connect to the system from multiple locations which allow our account management team to coordinate client servicing and marketing activities.  Your support team has been very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs.   Keep up the good work.  We look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship.”


Daniel T. Ludwig

Managing Director

"ProTrak CRM software is an important component in Optima’s marketing and investor relations strategy. Five years ago we had a choice to make regarding which CRM software to use and I am glad we went with ProTrak for number of reasons. First and foremost, ProTrak understands our business because they have been in the “game” for a very long time. They know how to handle, process, and exchange financial information to keep advisors and their clients happy. Moreover, they were  extremely accommodative  when Optima needed some customization work done. ProTrak’s top-notch client support and engineering staff helped us to integrate our systems and CRM very quickly. Also, it is very important for us to have our database accessible and secure at all times and ProTrak offered solution which addressed our cyber-security and database ownership concerns. Lastly, I am pleased to see that ProTrak is evolving together with technology and financial industry. Our users now have access to ProTrak’s mobile solutions. All of this makes my job easy and keeps our marketers and clients happy."


Arnold Rozenvasser

Managing Director, Systems

Optima Fund Management

Madison Investment Advisors chose ProTrak because of the firm’s dedication to the investment management business.  The staff knows our business; they understand the needs of a multi-channel client service and distribution model.  Based upon their breadth of experience in the industry, they guided our initial screen layouts to match our needs and their diligence in managing our complex migration from our legacy CRM was impressive.  ProTrak’s professional and knowledgeable staff has continued their dedication to helping us transform our employees, utilizing the power of ProTrak to maximize their efficiency in performing daily tasks.   ProTrak is also helping us move our executive team into a new phase of knowledge, allowing for real measurement of client service and business development effectiveness.  In all, ProTrak is the reason our new mantra is “work smarter.” 


Carol J. Vander Sluis

Vice President

Madison Investment Advisors

Over the years I have used various CRM solutions, even building my own CRM years ago.  I adopted ProTrak when I joined my current firm as Head of Business Development, with initial intentions of switching to a larger competitor of ProTrak that I used in the past.  I immediately found ProTrak more robust and also flexible to our firm’s style of managing our objectives.  In addition, their customer service is excellent, and rapidly got me up to speed with the product.  I also appreciate how they are constantly growing and adapting ProTrak, reacting to the innovations in the industry, as well as responding to our requests for further developments.


Adam B. Stern

Managing Director Business Development

“...We had been using our own in-house Sales Database System for many years but it was dated. We considered redeveloping the system but when we saw ProTrak we realised that it was exactly what we wanted. Now our sales team can use it while on planes and trains, our New York and Edinburgh offices remain in sync, and we get great productivity gains with the direct connections to email and calendar.  ProTrak staff have been excellent – friendly, responsive and very knowledgeable on how to get ProTrak working in our environment. We had to migrate our data from our existing system and the ProTrak team were very thorough and professional.” 


Richard McGrail

Head of Information Technology

Baillie Gifford & Co.