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ProTrak International, Inc., as a testament to over 25 years’ experience serving the productivity and decision-making needs of traditional and alternative investment professionals, distributes Version 10.0 of its industry-leading Advantage CRM product line

New York, NY; January 14, 2015 – In keeping with its dedication to the traditional and alternative investment segments, ProTrak International announced its distribution of Version 10.0 for its Advantage CRM product line that includes on-premises, browser-based, and mobile licenses.  This release incorporates a number of time-saving enhancements indicative of an active, global user community that continually adds to Advantage’s industry-focused, out-of-the-box functionality.

Key features include:

  • The introduction of a fresh, new user interface.
  • The addition of an iPhone application to the iPad and Blackberry mobile licenses.
  • The ability to watermark .pdf files with custom text for reporting and/or mass-mailing campaigns.
  • An expanded audit log to further strengthen the enterprise security and compliance capabilities.
  • Enhanced filtering directly on the main screens; the results are shown in an Excel-like report view.
  • An email-only license to capture and save to the database all inbound and outbound messages for non-ProTrak users.


Marking this milestone event, Simon Koziel, ProTrak’s president said, “Over the past 25 years, we have seen technology shift from desktops to smart phones and from servers to the Internet but, without disruption, we have steadfastly kept our current CRM product line, Advantage, in the forefront of innovation.  Few software companies across this span have had the privilege of releasing such a long history of advancements for a flagship product.”

Ed Postrk, Director of Client Services, emphasized ProTrak’s connection to its users: “I always enjoy seeing feature suggestions from our users move into our live platform.  We have always had this marvelous exchange of ideas, and we credit this collaboration for ProTrak’s tight fit to our users’ business needs.”

Koziel continued, “As our clients have told us countless times, ProTrak Advantage goes far beyond basic CRM functions to directly improving our clients’ business operations and competitiveness.  This is in keeping with our marketing theme describing Advantage’s stature, “More than CRM; Achieve a High ROI.”

ProTrak’s various Advantage CRM license options (that permit the right-sizing of usage intensity to cost) all gain from ProTrak’s user-focused development orientation. 

Clients utilizing ProTrak’s private cloud or on-premises structure have already begun installing Version 10.0 and will continue to do so through 2015’s first quarter. 

About ProTrak International

Founded in 1987 for the singular purpose of delivering a client relationship management (CRM) solution tailored to the needs of institutional asset managers, ProTrak International has not deviated from this strategy.

ProTrak, a privately-owned company, has made ongoing and substantial investments to continuously enhance its Advantage CRM platform to meet changing technology, market, and regulatory mandates.  The principals and senior staff, each with extensive investment industry expertise, have the savvy to quickly interpret change and apply highly-tailored solutions.

As a major innovator in the field, ProTrak Advantage has continuously evolved from ideas and feedback given by its world-class clientele:  hedge funds, private equity firms, and traditional managers.  Indeed, 83% of the accumulated features directly respond to clients’ operating, marketing, technology, and business needs.

The privilege of over 25-years’ experience leads ProTrak to the lofty position as the investment industry’s standard bearer in not just producing CRM features and functions, but delivering a high ROI that makes each client’s ProTrak installation a valuable investment.

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