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ProTrak CRM’s workflow and client service features were prominently in use during August’s market volatility. And, ProTrak’s upcoming release emphasizes additional productivity benefits for client service departments

New York, NY; August 29, 2015 – Market volatility, while often beneficial to hedge fund traders, brings significant pressures to client service departments. 

During the recent market swings, ProTrak CRM showed its functional power to clients who set up client-communication workflows.   These users delivered focused and timely directives to investors either by email, phone, or conference call.  The workflows already defined the steps and responsible people; all that had to be done was to enter the day’s market guidance. 

These market-volatility workflows highlight the importance of queries, documents, and mass communications.  Our clients used queries to identify those clients that wanted on-the-spot communication and others that wanted periodic summaries.  Approved documents were linked to follow-ups, sometimes each day.  Last, commentaries were distributed to investors via mass email.

Launching these pre-defined workflows, and getting high marks for customer service as a result, can pay for ProTrak CRM altogether. 

In keeping with these examples, we’re pleased to emphasize our continued commitment to client service functions by summarizing important advancements coming this fall in our new ProTrak Advantage release.

  • For your workflows, we now have a management tool that gives a quick view of all active workflows.  Similar to the scenario described above, this summary view allows for easy identification of any workflow for immediate launching.
  • ProTrak has long been known for its powerful query capability that extracts any information into a clean, formatted report, but many queries are standard to the industry.  For this, we will offer Simplified Query functionality that does predictive, wizard-like query building in just a couple clicks.  The resulting queries are based on our extensive observations and feedback from users like you. 
  • The reports resulting from queries gain important refinements from each page’s presentation to report inventory management.
  • The “Protective Document Folder” preserves documents referenced in ProTrak, even if the users move or delete them over time.  This is valuable for important compliance documents or client communications.
  • Our hedge fund clients who import investor holdings and transactions from their Administrators will value ProTrak’s Cash Flow profile that presents a fund’s redemption and subscription history across all investors based on a selected time period.  This is especially useful for cash flow analysis.
  • ProTrak currently offers customized watermarking functionality for ProTrak-created reports or when applied to a generic .PDF across many contacts. We are now adding the ability to customize watermarks for a bulk of individual .PDF reports using ProTrak’s mass communication capabilities.  What now takes one to two days can now be done in a matter of minutes.  Saving time and minimizing errors prove, once again, how our industry-specific CRM solution produces a high ROI.
  • Outlook Invite functionality is enhanced as a result of client feedback. 

Our next newsletter will highlight valuable features in ProTrak Web; this license is increasingly becoming the go-to method for accessing ProTrak for those needing anywhere/anytime access.

About ProTrak International

Founded in 1987 for the singular purpose of delivering a client relationship management (CRM) solution tailored to the needs of institutional asset managers, ProTrak International has not deviated from this strategy.

ProTrak, a privately-owned company, has made ongoing and substantial investments to continuously enhance its Advantage CRM platform to meet changing technology, market, and regulatory mandates.  The principals and senior staff, each with extensive investment industry expertise, have the savvy to quickly interpret change and apply highly-tailored solutions.

As a major innovator in the field, ProTrak Advantage has continuously evolved from ideas and feedback given by its world-class clientele:  hedge funds, private equity firms, and traditional institutional managers.  Indeed, 83% of the accumulated features directly respond to clients’ operating, marketing, technology, and business needs.

The privilege of over 25-years’ experience leads ProTrak to the lofty position as the investment industry’s standard bearer in not just producing CRM features and functions, but delivering a high ROI that makes each client’s ProTrak installation a valuable investment.

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