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ProTrak CRM as the Essential Tool for Closing New Business and Next Year’s Planning

New York, NY; October 26, 2015 – 

The fourth quarter is always an interesting time for any sales organization.  There’s a strong push to close prospects in the pipeline while also looking ahead to the next year through budgeting and planning.

ProTrak CRM sits as the essential hub for both these key activities.  Of course, our Pipeline report and detail lays out the business at hand, and our comprehensive follow-up process keeps opportunities and projects on track.  And, most of our clients couldn’t complete strategic plans and business forecasts without our extensive query and reporting system. 

For our clients, the intensity of the fourth quarter shines a spotlight on the ROI ProTrak CRM delivers.  

Our mission is to keep this ROI increasing.  Toward that objective, we’re pleased to announce the following enhancements to ProTrak Web, our anywhere/anytime browser-based license that is increasingly becoming a mainstay for many in our user community.

  • ProTrak has long been known for its powerful query capability that extracts any information into a clean, formatted report, but many queries are standard to the industry. For this, we will offer Simplified Query functionality that does predictive, wizard-like query building in just a couple clicks.  (This approach naturally groups addressing and communications information for ease of use.)  The resulting queries are based on our extensive observations and feedback from users like you. 
    • Since queries are often used to source mass communication activities, ProTrak’s Outlook invitation integration has been enhanced to make the process even more effective.
  • The new document library manages internal and external documents and represents the go-to resource for all documents associated through ProTrak’s various functions.
  • For planning purposes, calculation functions are very useful in collecting aggregated values across the client/prospect databases. ProTrak has added to its calculation capabilities in queries and contact profiles (i.e. of special benefit to ProTrak’s clients managing intermediary/mutual fund relationships).
  • Driving deeper into ProTrak’s unique customization are a variety of user defined fields across all Client, Prospect, Consultant, Manager, Contact, and Activity profiles.
  • During busy days, it’s often difficult to complete scheduled follow ups. ProTrak now allows bulk rollovers to another, future date.
  • For ProTrak CRM’s hedge fund clients, our powerful dashboard provides an account market value history for each investor’s account for these time periods: YTD, 1YR, 3YR, 5YR, 10Y and “Since Inception”.

This fourth quarter ends our 28th year as an investment industry CRM platform.  The collection of new ProTrak CRM enhancements this year brings us great pride as we see how important ProTrak is to our clients’ own success. 

About ProTrak International

Founded in 1987 for the singular purpose of delivering a client relationship management (CRM) solution tailored to the needs of institutional asset managers, ProTrak International has not deviated from this strategy.

ProTrak, a privately-owned company, has made ongoing and substantial investments to continuously enhance its Advantage CRM platform to meet changing technology, market, and regulatory mandates.  The principals and senior staff, each with extensive investment industry expertise, have the savvy to quickly interpret change and apply highly-tailored solutions.

As a major innovator in the field, ProTrak Advantage has continuously evolved from ideas and feedback given by its world-class clientele:  hedge funds, private equity firms, and traditional institutional managers.  Indeed, 83% of the accumulated features directly respond to clients’ operating, marketing, technology, and business needs.

The privilege of over 25-years’ experience leads ProTrak to the lofty position as the investment industry’s standard bearer in not just producing CRM features and functions, but delivering a high ROI that makes each client’s ProTrak installation a valuable investment.

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