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More than CRM | Achieve a High ROI


Beyond the “C” in CRM

It’s indisputable that an investment firm’s relationships are one of its most valuable assets.  Keeping these relationships engaged in a firm’s strategic initiatives holds the key to long-term sustainability.

 Valuable relationships exist in the front office; this is the traditional domain of CRM in which the “C” stands for Client or Customer.  However, back-office personnel such as research analysts, portfolio managers, and due diligence analysts possess extensive and equally-valuable relationship networks.

 As social networking has so ably demonstrated, relationships do not exist in silos but as integrated flows.  It’s in the midst of this flow that CRM delivers the infrastructure to maximize the value of these relationships across a firm. [Learn More]


ProTrak’s Back-Office User Community

“Achieve a High ROI”.  ProTrak’s tagline speaks loudly to an investment firm’s back-office research, portfolio, and due diligence personnel.  After all, they spend every minute of the day pursuing a high ROI for the firm’s clients/investors.

 With over 25-years’ experience dedicated to the investment industry’s needs, ProTrak has built functions specifically enabling the power of relationship management to reach deep into investment operations.  ProTrak delivers, on a single system, an easy-to-use, secured, and cost-effective platform that maximizes value of both the front- and back-office’s relationship networks.   [Learn More]


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