ProTrak is an essential element of the investment manager's business risk toolkit

Manage Your Business Risks

Traditional and alternative managers deal with risk every day.  At the operating level, risks involve general compliance missteps, email compliance, ineffective selling, process inefficiency, and poor service.

ProTrak CRM is the ideal solution to help you control operational risks.

  • At a glance, any business development pro can see his or her sales activities and follow-ups (with the related notes) in a comprehensive pipeline opportunities report.
  • ProTrak’s workflow processes request, collect and store due diligence questionnaires (along with instant access to all relevant client agreements and documentation) to keep all your tasks on track.
  • All emails and any associated documents are stored as “read-only” activities within ProTrak; a vital step in any compliance process.
  • Your investor relations/client service team easily maneuvers through investor/client calls as the complete communication record (including associated documents) is just one click away.
  • When undergoing an SEC audit, all relevant documentation is readily available making the process clean and efficient.  (Note:  our clients routinely tell us that their SEC audits were much easier with ProTrak.)